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Quality of life is the quality of your communication

Communication, notify others of your thoughts and things, and I'm patient and "nothing quitter", and there are two things for myself and.

Interact with their connections in a self-affirmation, accept the others as a result, develop good human relationships is.

You can if you think so, but not on either side, both are well balanced is important.

To see how school"offered various communication technologies such as self communication and others, workplace for group and corporate training.

And are sincerely anxious to lead and that world peace to.

Co., Ltd. of Sura
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Also for the salesperson rated than the products sell themselves, "customer protection" training as well as high.

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NLP certification course and "communication training for corporate revitalization" sponsored by management course improve the acupuncture points of human relationships, team building management training, and instructor.


Find the most gentle of NLP book(Japan Industrial publishing house) is now on sale. After the publication in China, Taiwan, soon even Vietnam scheduled for publication.

"Giving up leads to 45 back prescription.(Japan Industrial publishing house) is now on sale. After the publication in China and Taiwan soon in Thailand scheduled for publication.

"Temp agency how to make, how to make.(Co-author: PAL publications)

Media: NHK, including cast, CTB ZIP, and magazine ads.


Training well and acquire a bright and healthy business and society.
And who better than using the Osaka dialect have a cheerful and think tells a body is to relax and to attend training and coaching. I believe.

Osaka dialect is a tool, and is providing our customers [learn more yourself "that's my role.

So, why "Our motto is fun"The reached.
From giving birth to two children who has been rehabilitated.
Find employment in foreign cosmetics companies are retired with sales of the first experience that work allergy.
The company tries while pays salaries had turned legs still and couldn't sleep.

"Lessons learned at that time: no results while in the products and areas of possible reasons why. If you want to put out the results back to the starting point and re-start the number of practice! "Did.
After material dispatching company jobs, sales, interviewer, Manager, Division President and accounting fields outside almost all experienced.

The idea here, along with the collapse of the bubble dropped like a roller coaster performance that received transfer orders to General Affairs Department, retired.
Early story and cosmetics company, dispatched over two degrees, to dismissal. Not laugh. (Lol)
During this time, experience depression 2, ptuz.
And seriously serious please I would become very Tati's surely.
Field experience in the staffing industry job three times.
20Creating, training instructors and industry become a standard human resources business satisfaction survey also did a good job myself, for example, and sings his own praises.

Petite depression after all, comes from the lack of innate "drop length" and internal communication. After all, is the loss of confidence due to the deterioration in their company and employees leave.
One day a friend of mine with NLP(Practical psychology) and meet, based on the idea of NLP that the resources to all those who saved.
That is now the experience of his (distress and depression) has helped very much empathy with others and is sure...

There is a failure continuation at work I'm ashamed, but I wanted.
This is the biggest achievement in the past.
2 hours with the hospital said no free beds, carried on the ambulance stuck in the back broke his mother over fighting.
It was eventually hospitalized.

I want to try"The work is determined depending on the person and I didn't know it.

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